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Spiritual Care Services

The Spiritual Care Program will provide the following services and programs:

  • Have an organized spiritual and religious care program to respond to the religious needs and spiritual interests of residents, and facilitate a resident's participation in the program.
  • Support the resident's preferred spiritual and religious observances while respecting the rights of others.
  • Provide spiritual and religious counselling for residents and families.
  • Provide denominational and interdenominational worship services.
  • Make available one-to-one visitation from the chaplain, pastoral volunteers or the denominational clergy according to the resident's wishes.
  • Support residents and families in times of crises and palliative care situations.
  • Work with multi-disciplinary staff as resource person in meeting holistic needs.
  • Coordinate and connect with the faith resources of the wider community.
  • Provide unique programs and service meeting the needs of a specific population.
  • Coordinate and support pastoral care volunteers.

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