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Environmental Services

The Environmental Services consists of three areas: housekeeping, laundry and maintenance.


The housekeeping department will strive to maintain the Home in a clean, neat, safe and odour free manner. They practice infection control measures aimed at preventing the spread of infection. The department aims to provide privacy and respect for all residents and their personal belongings while cleaning and sanitizing their rooms.


The laundry department’s function is to provide staff and residents with clean and sanitary supplies to ensure quality resident care. Laundry personnel adhere to sound infection control practices to minimize the risk of spreading infections in the home. The department is responsible for ensuring that residents clothing is clean and in good repair and returned to the resident in a timely fashion. Turn around time for having clothing washed and returned to the resident is forty-eight (48) hours.

Maintenance Department

The maintenance department will strive to provide an environment that is safe and well maintained for residents, staff and visitors. All electrical equipment that is brought into the Home must be inspected by maintenance personnel. All electrical equipment will be tagged with an inspected tag and inspected annually. The Home has a policy which prohibits the use of extension cords and “octopus” electrical plugs. Power bars are an acceptable alternative.

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